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Why Your Home Needs a Video Surveillance System

At first thought, you might think only a paranoid person would install a video surveillance system at home. But that’s far from the truth. There are lots of good reasons to install a home surveillance system, and plenty of sane people who buy them.

We’ll get to the reasons in a minute, but first a bit of general information about video surveillance systems.

About Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems consist of two basic components - cameras and software. Cameras are mounted throughout the house - indoors, outdoors or both - and the software is used to view the footage.

Modern surveillance systems allow you to view footage remotely and in real time from your computer or smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as there’s an Internet connection. Typically, modern systems are also capable of sending motion alerts via text or email.

Many surveillance systems offer professional monitoring services for a monthly fee, or you can opt to handle the monitoring yourself. Similarly, you can opt for professional installation or tackle the job yourself.

Why Would I Need One?

Home surveillance systems are not for everyone, but they are a valuable asset for certain people and families. Answer the questions below to find out if a video surveillance system is right for you.

  • Do I Travel Often? If you’re frequently out of town, your home is at a higher risk for burglary. Thieves notice which homes are unoccupied, then target those homes to reduce the risk of being caught. Home surveillance systems not only capture any criminal activity that occurs; they also act as a deterrent.
  • Are People Frequently In and Out of My Home? Do you have cleaning people going in and out of your home while you’re not there? What about contractors, babysitters or maintenance workers? If something ends up missing, you might have no idea who to blame - unless you have a home surveillance system.
  • Do I Have Irreplaceable Valuables? If you have items that are irreplaceable, such as antique jewelry or family heirlooms, security should be a top priority. Home surveillance systems are about as effective as alarms in deterring criminals, and they typically cost less over the long term.
  • How Safe Is My Neighborhood? If you live in a rough area - or close to one - you’re a great candidate for a home surveillance system. You can spot would-be intruders before they have the chance to break-in or identify vandals who have damaged your property.

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