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Keep Your Family Safe with Security Bars for Home Windows

OK, so you don’t want your home to look like Fort Knox or a maximum security prison. But security bars are an effective and powerful deterrent to would-be burglars. Some say window bars are almost as effective as having a police officer in front of your house.

Contrary to what most people think, window bars don’t have to be an eyesore. Modern varieties come in all sorts of colors, styles and designs.

Sure, window bars are not for everyone. But if you live in a dangerous neighborhood or you’re serious about sending a message to burglars, they might be ideal for you.

About Window Bars

Window bars are essentially just metal bars that prevent intruders from entering your home. They are typically used for ground-floor windows, which are most vulnerable to break-ins.

Windows bars are usually sold in three standard colors: white, black or silver. White is the most popular color, as it creates a softer look. However, you can pay extra to have them painted any color. Window bars also come in a variety of designs - from simple vertical or horizontal bars, to decorative wrought iron, to modern and funky patterns that serve as decorative pieces.

Many types of window bars are designed for do-it-yourself installation, but you can also choose to hire a professional. Window bars come standard in sizes up to about 60 inches by 80 inches. Larger windows require a custom order.

Cost of Window Bars

Standard window bars cost anywhere from $50 to $200 each. Custom bars for large or bay windows could cost $500 or more - depending on the size and configuration of the window and the type of bars you choose. Professional installation runs extra, often adding several hundred dollars to the total purchase price.

Window Bar Safety

Window bars are very effective at keeping intruders out, but they can also stop people from getting out during a fire or emergency. Make sure you purchase window bars that can be opened easily from the inside of the home during an emergency. In fact, many local building and fire safety codes require that. If you’re home has older window bars that lack crucial safety features, replace them.

Window Bar Pros

  • Security - Window bars send a strong visual message to would-be intruders: Don’t mess with my home. Very few burglars will spend time and energy attempting to remove them, only to risk getting caught. They’ll simply move on the a house without window bars.
  • Cost - In the long run, installing window bars is less expensive than purchasing a home security system. Window bars are a one-time cost, while security systems have recurring monthly fees.

Window Bar Cons

  • Look - Window bars aren’t the most attractive thing you could add to the house. If you’re really concerned about looks, consider having them installed only in the back of the home, where burglars are most likely to enter.
  • Fire safety - Window bars that do not open easily from the inside are an extreme fire hazard. This can be easily avoided by purchasing the correct type of window bars and having them installed by a professional.