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So you’re in the market for a home security system. You’ve scoured the Internet for reviews, but how do you know which to believe?

The truth is, you should be vary wary of online reviews. Many so-called “review sites” were created by alarm companies to promote their products. The Federal Trade Commission requires companies to disclose this, but the disclosures are usually pretty well hidden on the site. Hardly unbiased, right?

Luckily, there are a couple websites that offer unbiased reviews in an honest attempt to educate the consumer. Here, we’ll take a look at what some of those sites have to say about the most popular alarm system companies.


FrontPoint, founded in 1997, continually gets stellar reviews. Alarm System Report describes FrontPoint as “hands down the best alarm company out there,” while A Secure Life ranks FrontPoint No. 1 out of dozens of alarm companies.

(Neither website is affiliated with alarm companies, nor are they paid to do reviews, although Alarm System Report may receive commission when a consumer purchases an alarm system via a link on their site.)

FrontPoint, unlike many older alarm companies, only sells wireless systems. The company offers remote access via the web, cellular monitoring and do-it-yourself installation.

According to A Secure Life, FrontPoint also stands out for its:

  • Customer service - Representatives are willing and able to answer questions about the system, and they’re not pushy.
  • Dedicated wireless connection - Many companies only offer dedicated cellular communication; FrontPoint offers both.
  • Smash and grab protection - Burglars won’t be able to disarm your security system by smashing the control panel. A signal is sent to the monitoring station as soon as a sensor is tripped.
  • Straightforward pricing - FrontPoint does not have hidden fees. The company’s pricing is readily available on its website.

One downside reviewers identified is the limited warranty. Also, FrontPoint only has one monitoring center, which could be problematic if the center was out of operation for a period of time or experiencing technical difficulties.


Professional installation is one of the biggest advantages of ADT, a home security company that can trace its history to the early 1900s. In an era where wireless systems and do-it-yourself installation are exploding in popularity, ADT provides the comfort and security of a professional installation job.

ADT took third place in A Secure Life’s ranking, although customers reviews were extremely varied, based largely on geographic location.

ADT stood out for its:

  • Monitoring capabilities - ADT’s experience and the fact that it has multiple monitoring stations give the company the edge in this category.
  • Same-day installation - With ADT, this is possible in some cases.

Downsides include the fact that ADT does not offer do-it-yourself installation or a 100 percent wireless system. ADT also tends to be more expensive than many of its competitors. In some parts of the country, but not all, ADT’s customer service has faced serious criticism. To find out what customers are saying in your area, check with the local Better Business Bureau.


ProtectAmerica, another wireless security company, gets high marks, too. It ranked second to FrontPoint by both Alarm System Report and A Secure Life. Like FrontPoint, ProtectAmerica uses GE equipment and offers DIY installation.

ProtectAmerica stood out for its:

  • Cost - With ProtectAmerica, there are little or no upfront costs. The company is considered the most affordable service.
  • Monitoring service - ProtectAmerica’s monitoring service, Criticom, is highly trusted and respected. And there are multiple options for monthly monitoring.
  • Web services - Like FrontPoint, the company uses to offer customers web-based controls and alerts.
  • Lifetime equipment warranty

The biggest downside to ProtectAmerica is a spotty customer service track record, although customers report recent improvements. Also, the company does offer 100 percent wireless systems, but they don’t advertise it. You have to ask.


LifeShield, yet another wireless company, got its start in 2002. The company provides DIY systems for everything from large homes to tiny spaces such as college dorm rooms. One of LifeShield’s greatest strengths is its customer service.

LifeShield also stands out for its:

  • Pricing - The company offers a complete wireless alarm system, remote access and interactive features for just $29.99 per month.
  • Standard features - With LifeShield, features such as remote access and mobile apps come standard. Most companies charge extra for these features.
  • Lack of contracts - The company doesn’t require customers to sign a contract or commit to long-term service.

On the downside, LifeShield has proprietary equipment. You can never use the equipment with any other security company, and the equipment does not have the long history of reliability that comes with more established equipment brands.

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