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Do It Yourself Home Security Systems

Why It Might Not Be a Good Idea

You could come up with all kinds of crazy ways to protect your home from intruders - stadium lights, booby traps or a killer guard dog. But be wary of do-it-yourself tricks. Home security is best left to the professionals.

These days, the most popular trick is DIY alarm systems - the market is flooded with them. While the thought of saving hundreds of dollars is certainly appealing, DIY systems are not a good idea for most consumers. Here’s why:

1. The System Might Not Work

The point of a security system is to discourage intruders, right? Well, that won’t happen if the alarm doesn’t work.

Proper installation of a home security system requires significant knowledge and skill, including a thorough understanding of electrical systems and components. It also requires knowledge of how to weatherproof the system. Unless you’re an electrician or a very advanced do-it-yourselfer, you probably do not have those skills. And unfortunately, it takes just one small mistake for the entire system to fail.

You might save a considerable amount of money with DIY installation, but if the security system doesn’t work, any money you spent is wasted.

2. The System Is Probably Inferior

You get what you pay for - it’s a saying we’ve all heard time and time again. Alas, it’s true, particularly when it comes to home security systems.

Some DIY security systems sell for as little as $100. But when you pay that little, you’re almost certainly purchasing a poor quality product. DIY security systems are prone to equipment malfunctions - if they work in the first place. The systems are simply not as reliable.

Professional systems cost more because they use better components and superior technology. They have up-to-date monitoring systems, advanced features such as DVR and more reliable live monitoring services.

3. You Won’t Have Professional Support

If you have problems installing or using your DIY home security system, the manufacturer is your only resource. If the company can’t help you, the system is useless. You’re simply out of luck.

Often, the directions and setup menus are confusing and difficult to follow with DIY installation. If you make a mistake and the company is unable to solve your problem over the phone, once again you’re out of luck.

With a professional system, the installation is handled by a trained expert. In the event of a problem, a technician will visit your home to fix it. You can rest assured that the system will be properly installed and monitored.

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